Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Comics

The Comics WikiProject's style guide is intended to apply to all articles within the project's scope — in other words, to all articles related to comics. While the recommendations presented here are well-suited for the vast majority of such articles, there exist a number of peculiar cases where, for lack of a better solution, alternate approaches have been taken. These exceptions are often the result of protracted negotiation; if something seems unusual or out-of-place, it may be worthwhile to ask before attempting to change it, as there might be reasons for the oddity that are not immediately obvious!

General guidance on editing articles is given in the Wikipedia Manual of Style. The WikiProject has set forth naming conventions, and guidelines for the fair use of copyrighted images. Pages related to this project within the Manual of Style include Writing on Fiction and Wikipedia:Guide to writing better articles. The notability guidance on fiction also offers advice on writing on fictional topics.

This page is meant as an adjunct to the Manual of Style and other editorial guidance offered on Wikipedia. It offers guidance that is the consensus currently established at Wikipedia:WikiProject Comics, or summarises other guidance as it applies to specific examples within the comics field. It is not policy and editors may deviate from it with good reason. To discuss major alterations or query points, please use the general project forum at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Comics.