King of Rome

King of Rome
Capitoline she-wolf Musei Capitolini MC1181.jpg
Lucius Tarquinius Superbus
First monarchRomulus
Last monarchLucius Tarquinius Superbus
Formation753 BC
Abolition509 BC
AppointerCuriate Assembly

The king of Rome (Latin: rex Romae) was the ruler of the Roman Kingdom.[1] According to legend, the first king of Rome was Romulus, who founded the city in 753 BC upon the Palatine Hill. Seven legendary kings are said to have ruled Rome until 509 BC, when the last king was overthrown. These kings ruled for an average of 35 years.

The kings after Romulus were not known to be dynasts and no reference is made to the hereditary principle until after the fifth king Tarquinius Priscus. Consequently, some have assumed that the Tarquins' attempt to institute a hereditary monarchy over this conjectured earlier elective monarchy resulted in the formation of the Republic.

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